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Cut and File Nails
30 AED
Manicure (without polish)
70 AED
Pedicure (without polish)
85 AED
Nail Polish Application (hands)
30 AED
Nail Polish Application (feet)
30 AED
Change Polish (hands)
50 AED
Change Polish (feet)
50 AED
Classic Manicure
90 AED
Classic Pedicure
105 AED
Gelish Polish Application
80 AED
French Gelish Polish Application
110 AED
Gelish Manicure
150 AED
Gelish Pedicure
160 AED
French Gelish Manicure
180 AED
French Gelish Pedicure
190 AED
Gelish Removal (hands)
30 AED
Gelish Removal (feet)
30 AED
Rubber Base Overlay
30/50/70 AED
Hard Gel Overlay
80/100/120 AED
Acrylic Overlay
100/120/140 AED
Hard Gel Overlay Removal
40/50/60 AED
Acrylic Overlay Removal
60/70/80 AED
Gel Nail Extensions
250/300/350 AED
Acrylic Nail Extensions
300/350/400 AED
Gel Nail Extensions Removal
80 AED
Acrylic Nail Extensions Removal
100 AED
Refill by Hard Gel
180/200/220 AED
Refill by Acryl
200/220/240 AED
Repair (per nail)
10/20/30 AED
Hands SPA
80 AED
Feet SPA
100 AED
Paraffin Hands Therapy
90 AED
Paraffin Feet Therapy
120 AED
Callus Therapy
40/60/80/100 AED
Podo Disc Therapy
30/40/50/60 AED
Nail Art
upon consultation

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